Christmas Decorations

Renee Golden, the Activity Director here at Miner Nursing Center came up with a project for our residents.  Since Miner Nursing Center is our residents' home, she thought the holiday season was the best time to show that. 

In the years past, we've always had someone delegated to decorate our Christmas Tree with the ornaments that we have in storage.  So, this year, Renee decided that our residents would make their own decorations and decorate the tree with them.  It is amazing to see how excited some of the residents became when they found out about doing this. 

Everyone has worked hard since the middle of September to finish the decorations that are shown in the pictures below.  Every single resident participated in completing one or more of them and they did the best they could to make each of them special and unique. 

Take a look below of our completed tree, made with all of our incredible ornaments!

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